Before Arrival

If you are planning to move to the Netherlands there are several things that need to be arranged. Some of these things need to be started in your home country. These arrangements can vary from acquiring the right documents to making sure your insurance will be accepted.

The following things need to be started or done (well) in advance of your travel to the Netherlands. These are:

Documents proving your identity
It is very important that you check the expiration date of your passport (and if applicable) your family members. For immigration procedures such as visa application, your passport needs to be valid for a certain amount of time after the date of issue of the visa. Also, you may need your Birth Certificate at the Dutch embassy or after arrival in the Netherlands. Make sure you arrange one and have it legalised and translated, if needed.

Documents proving you are family
In case you wish to bring your partner and/or children, you may need to show that you are related. Proof can be asked, for instance by asking for the birth certificates of your children or your marriage certificate. Make sure to check with your new employer which documents are advised to bring. 

Legalising Documents
For the immigration procedures documents need to be official and the Dutch authorities need to be able to check and see that the documents are official. This is done by legalising the documents at a Dutch embassy.

Translating Documents
The documents that are needed for the Immigration Office (IND) in the Netherlands need to be in Dutch, English, French or German. If the official document is written in another language, it needs to be translated by a sworn translator. Make sure that you have your document legalised first before you have it translated!

According to Dutch law you need to have specific health insurance in order to reside legally in the Netherlands. Some employers require that their employees arrange this in advance of their stay in the Netherlands. Please make sure to check whether your new employer requires you to arrange the correct insurances before you travel to the Netherlands or whether you can arrange it after arrival.

Visa and/or residence permit
If you need a visa and/or residence permit, your new employer will apply for them. You will have to provide specific documents that all have to meet strict requirements. Always make sure that you have your new employer check your documents online before you send them by actual mail. This will save some time and money.

Work permit
In some cases you will need a work permit before you can legally start working for your new employer in the Netherlands. Note that you are not allowed to work without a valid work permit if you need one. Your employer will apply for the work permit and the procedure is connected with the application procedure for the visa and or residence permit. Therefore, it is very important to start this application and collecting the right documents well in advance.

If you need bring your children and need daycare in the Netherlands, it is best to check your options well in advance. It may take some time to be accepted due to waiting lists.

Do not start looking for housing when you are already in the Netherlands. It is not easy to find accommodation in the Netherlands. In most cases it will take some time and effort to find affordable and legal housing. It is best to check first whether your future employer provides any housing services to international employees. If that is the case, it would be recommended to arrange housing via this service.

Import of Removal Goods
You may need to apply for a permit in order to bring removal goods to the Netherlands and be exempted from paying import tax. Whether you need to pay tax depends on your nationality and the type of product. The application for exemption needs to be done well in advance of your move!

Importing your car
If you wish to bring your car to the Netherlands, you will need to make some arrangements before you can drive it legally on the Dutch roads. What you need to arrange depends on your specific situation.

Bringing pets
In case you wish to bring your pet(s), some things need to be arranged ahead, such as a passport for your pet. This may take some time, so make sure to arrange this well in advance.

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