Health Sector

UMC Utrecht

Care, research and education are the three mainstays of UMC Utrecht. These mainstays are inextricably intertwined in our ongoing efforts to improve people's health. Leading scientific research, groundbreaking innovation and collaboration with patients and other interested parties form the basis of our first-rate healthcare.

UMC Utrecht is quick and eager to put improvements into practice. High-quality education guarantees the influx of new talent required to maintain and strengthen our position at the forefront of healthcare.

UMC Utrecht aims to play a major role on the international research stage and play a leading role in research and innovation in a selected number of fields: the strategic programs. Only then can we have an impact on health. We aim to make the knowledge we create available for clinical and feasibility studies, and subsequently put that knowledge into practice. So our role is not limited to creating knowledge; we work hard to make the knowledge and skills gained within UMC Utrecht fit for actual clinical practice. That in turn results in products, processes and services for healthcare. We also stimulate new industriousness. By “marketing” our knowledge and skills, patients in other hospitals can benefit as well. 

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