Foundation for refugee students UAF

The UAF has been providing support to refugee students and professionals in their studies and in finding suitable employment on the Dutch labour market since 1948.

We are convinced that anyone who can use their knowledge can make a meaningful contribution to Dutch society. That is why we make such an effort to assist them. We advise refugees based on our knowledge and experience, and build bridges between refugees, educational institutions, (local) governments and employers.

What we do

We advise and coach our clients on their path to long-term employability on the Dutch labour market. Ours is a demand-driven approach, offering refugees exactly what they need to thrive, pursue and continue their career.

While our resources are limited and we are unable to honour every request, we try to offer as many newcomers as possible an opportunity, together with our partners in education and the business community. Where we are unable to offer coaching, we try to assist by offering information and advice.

The UAF offers the following types of modules:

  • Mentoring
  • (Specialised) language
  • Preparing for your studies
  • Studying
  • Combining work and study
  • The pathway to a career
  • Medical assessments
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